HONOUR 是一家專門訂製高質精品的一家本地公司, 我們已和廠商合作數年,客人亦來自世界各地。我們希望以合理的價錢提供高質和紙膠帶印刷。我們會根據您的設計去製作一個你喜愛的紙膠帶(MT紙膠帶),香港客戶更可打版後再做貨 ? 和紙膠帶除了可作和紙膠帶手刷,亦能裝飾牆壁、房間、相框和包裝禮物等各種用途。

Quality Making

We use reasonable to make quality products as we know the importance of Quality.

Free Sampling

For order over 300pcs, we provide free sampling for approval.

Colour options

Pantone colour code is always best solution for production, alternatively, we will help you to do the closest Pantone for your design

Start with Low Minimum

We don't have minimum but suggestion to order 50pcs for reasonable pricing

Simple ordering

Simply send us your request and we will follow the restafter you send us the design

Packed Individually

We pcaked them individually to minimize the defects on shipping








Our Customers

- Detail -

No Limitation

There is no limitation of design and colours

CMYK printed

The design will be printed from the computer directly

Washi texture

We use Japanese washi paper for printing to provide the premium effect


Can be printed in foil colour, gold or silver

Packed Individually


Sticker packing

We can also help you to print your brand sticker and packed nicely before shipping

Low minimum

It only starts from low minimum, 30rolls only


循環長度350mm, 模版可參考此處


If you have any request of the packaging, we are also able to do it, just chat with us

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What it the ordering procedure ?

  1. Kindly send us your design, sizes and quantity, we will then send you a quote to confirm, and we will send you a digital proof next for approval before the bulk productions
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Is there any limitation on size?

There is no limitation of the size, we will follow your needs when available, however, do note that, the bigger the size, the higher the size will be.

How long does it take for the production?

正常生產日期為22 – 25個工作天。

Can we do the sample first?

By ordering over 300pcs, we will provide free sampling, if there is any further changes after the sample, extra cost may be charged. * For order below 300pcs, we tend to produce it without sampling, if there is any defect we will replace it for you.

If you really wanted to create One sample before bulk production, there will be $800 charge for this, and only $600 will be deducted when placing the bulk order.

How to get quote ?

Please kindly send your design, quantity, and size to hello@honour.com.hk, and quote will be ready within 36 hours for the latest.

Alternatively,you can also Facebook inbox us for quote :D


膠帶(MT紙膠帶)循環長度為350mm, 而上下需要有1.5mm的長血位

你亦可以到此處下載 template

Is there any specific requirement for the Artwork file?

我們接受PDF, PDF, PNG, JPG 檔案, 但DPI必需要在 DPI400或以上

*Vector file need to be used the the production, if possible, please provide vector file for quicker quotation and production. (Non-vector file is also accepted)

Any other questions?

Feel free to email us anytime. hello@honour.com.hk