Custom Acrylic Pins

Estimated Delivery Date: 26/08/2022 - 02/09/2022
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Custom Acrylic Pins

Send us your artwork and get ready to receive the products.

Flexible Colours

Gradient Colour is available!

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Acrylic Pins

Die cut shape available!


✓ Double Acrylic layer

We use double acrylic plastic layer

✓ Flexible on colors

Gradient colors avaliable.

✓ Perfect Thickness

Minimum 3mm for each acrylic pin.


Double Acrylic layer

We use double acrylic plastic layer


Perfect Thickness

Thickness of each product is 3mm


Smooth Cut

Safety for all


Single Sided VS Double Sided


Double Sided Printing

The back side of double sided printing would be mirrored (+$1 each).


Single Sided Printing

The most common practice for Acrylic Pins are with single sided printing. The back side is white in colour.



Butterfly Clutch

Most common Pins' backing with golden or sliver colour. *Suitable for circle pins with diameter under 4cm



Using magnetic force to keep your pins being attached on your clothes


Safety Pins

Suitable for pins in rectangle shape



Protective Film Packaging

Each Acrylic product will have a protective film to prevent stretches during transit. Remember to pill it off before using!


OPP Bag (individually)

Each patch will be packed by OPP Bag individually (free)


Printed Packaging Card

Unique and Individual Packaging design with 260gsm card (+$2-3 each) *based on card size

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What is Mirrored Printing?


Mirrored Printing

Since the shape cannot be changed, to produce double sided acrylic product, the back side of the printing must be mirroredMirrored printing may SWAP the word of the printing. You may choose single sided printing if you don't want to have a SWAPPED word.
If you would like to have a normal printing on the back side, please also send us the backside design when placing the order. * It may have some 透底的情況 appeared.
*If you choose double sided printing without send us the back side design, the mirrored printing would be the default option.

Place your order in 10 mins!

Honour keeps simplifying ordering process to save your precious time

Notes and Reminders

To Ensure a Smooth Production

Design your own artwork

Font with a 3mm height

A minimum of 0.13mm for all lines (fonts included)

A minimum of 0.5mm for coloured part

Common for companies, events and schools

Contact us for discounts for orders of more than 1500 pieces.

Confirmation message with a product preview will be sent 3 days after placing the order

Production Period: 10-14 working days

Sample of Preview

Preview will be sent after placing an order


More about Acrylic Pins


✮ Compare with Enamel Pins, Acrylic Pins have no restriction on colours, even for Gradient colours
✮ Price is lower when compare with Enamel Pins.
Acrylic Pins are common type of souvenirs
✮ Minimum ordering Quantity: 30pcs with Free Local Shipping
✮ No restriction on it's shape, no matter it is Die-cut or irregular shape!
✮ CMYK as the printing colour
✮Artwork requirement: above 400dpi *Hand- drawing is also acceptable
✮ All you need to do is send us your artwork only (no matter it is a Logo or just texts)!

*We may change your Artwork to a die-cut artwork for your confirmation.
**Under CMYK colour printing, it may have 5-10% colour variation
Normal Production would last for 10- 14 working weekdays
✮ Business customers  may place your order first, our staff will follow up and contact you with the preview, quotation and the invoice. You may also contact us through EMAIL.

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