Custom Soft Enamel Pins

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Custom Soft Enamel Pins

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For Events

Common for all events, groups, societies and art works!

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About Soft Enamel Pins

Different colours are separated by embossed metal lines.


✓ Texture

All metal lines will be embossed, making the pin more stereoscopic.

✓ Fine Detail

The metal lines can be made with even 0.13mm

✓ Most Common

Soft enamel pins are the most common type of pin. 


Electroplating Colour is the colour that will be shown on the metal lines of the pins



sense of luxury


The most popular

Rose Gold

sense of elegance

Antique Gold

sense of vintage

Antique Nickle

With Reflective Effect

Dye Black

With no reflective effect

Packaging Option

All the pins will be packed with OPP bag individually to avoid any scratches during transit. We also provide different packaging option for your needs!


Printed Packaging Card

Unique and Individual Packaging design with 260gsm card (+$2-3 each) *based on card size


Flannel Gift Box

Luxury Box Packaging ( +$10 each)


Transparent Plastic Gift Box

Economical Choice with Decent Packaging (+$2.5 each)


OPP Plastic Bag (individually)

Default Option (free)

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Extra On The Back

Add on your own Logo and Words on the Back


Laser Engraving

With a Smooth Texture (+$2 each)


Embossed Text

With a Embossed Texture (+$2 each) *the backing design must be the same for whole order


Frosted Texture

Default Option (free)


Fixing on the back


Butterfly Clutch

Most common Pins' backing with golden or sliver colour


Safety pins

Provide extra safe when you pin it on clothes


Magnet (sliver colour)

Using magnetic force to keep your pins being attached on your clothes



Let your pins be a keychain!

Notes and Reminders

To Ensure a Smooth Production

Pantone C Colour

No Gradient Colour

A minimum of 0.13mm for all lines (fonts included)

A minimum of 0.5mm for coloured part

Colours will be separated by metal lines

Contact us for discounts for orders of more than 1500 pieces.

Confirmation message with a product preview will be sent 3 days after placing the order

Production period will be 15–18 working weekdays after the confirmation of the preview.

Sample of Preview

Preview will be sent after placing an order


Notes for Soft Enamel Pins


✮ Embossed metal lines with debossed color filling.
✮ Soft enamel pins allow for more line and texture detail.
✮ The Most Popular Size: 30/37mm (you can also customize your pins' size)
✮ Embossed metal lines are used to separate different colours *No Gradient Colour
✮ We use Pantone C as colour standard. If you would like to have specific requirement, just leave us a message! Our staff can finish the colour matching part for you too!

✮ Minimum thickness of metal line: 0.15mm
✮ Minimum size of debossed part: 0.5mm

Production takes for 15- 18 working days (1-2 more days is needed for orders over 1000 pieces). Remember to place earlier for larger order!
✮ Scroll up for more backing, packaging and colour choices!

▴▴Not sure if your design is able to make soft enamel pins? You can receive a digital proof for preview in 2-3 working days after placing an order! No payment is needed before the production.

Soft Enamel Pins provide BUMPY texture
Need for SMOOTH texture? Check Out: Hard Enamel Pins

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